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AIM Scholarships
EMC² currently offers scholarships to any child or adult who shows, through energetic evaluation by EMC², to have the energetic frequency of Autism, Down Syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis (CF). These complimentary offerings exist as a way for us to give back and to expand Stephen Lewis's research, which benefits every AIM participant. While we may refer to these as "Autism programs" or "Down Syndrome programs", it's important to understand that all participants are on the same AIM Program/AIM trays. We all have many, many imbalances to heal, and we all have access to any and all balancing energies that we need as we are ready for them.

The scholarship program for those dealing with autism was started in 2003, when Wayne Dyer asked Stephen if AIM could assist a little girl he had just met who was dealing with Autism – could she self-heal that along with everything else AIM helps with? At the time, Stephen had no way of knowing how many other participants might be dealing with this issue or how the child might do. But in wanting to help, the child was gifted a complimentary program after her parents read Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness and applied for her scholarship. The child benefited so much that the autism scholarship program was created to help others who may be dealing with autism but who cannot afford the program.

In 2006, the parents of someone dealing with Down Syndrome reported amazing improvements in their child, too, and a similar program was launched for anyone found to have the frequency of Down Syndrome.

Then, in 2010, a number of previously unknown hereditary respiratory imbalances that were similar to CF were revealed to Stephen within a short period of time. When he tested the photos of some people not on AIM but known to actually have CF and found these imbalances to be present in them, he opened up this third area of research and scholarship offerings. Since then, he's found more of these imbalances, some common to many AIM participants, not just those diagnosed with CF, and the corresponding balancing energies have been added to AIM. Stephen often comments that respiratory issues are certainly a common issue for many people as they age - so many, many AIM participants never diagnosed with CF are also benefiting from this research.

Should someone be found to have any of these three frequencies present in them, EMC² encourages the family to take advantage of the Family Plan as everyone has much to heal, not just those with the additional challenges of Autism, Down Syndrome or CF. But in cases where the family is not financially able to do this, the child is not denied the unique potential to heal that the AIM Program offers.

The child or adult who qualifies will be placed on AIM and kept on AIM for the year provided informative quarterly updates are submitted on time (via e-mail to your Facilitator) and in a manner that provides useful, relevant information to both EMC² and the parent or participant. Any renewal or continuation of the program will also be dependent on these requirements.

You can read (and view a few in video format) testimonials received from a variety of AIM participants, some of which relate to scholarship participants who have experienced improvement in many areas, including: increased interaction and enhanced social skills; improved verbalization and learning skills; improved eye contact and focus; fewer anger outbursts; fewer physical and emotional issues; increased interest in other people and new activities.

Contact your Facilitator to discuss the steps involved in starting the scholarship request process once you have completed your research on the AIM Program. If you have not yet done so, please complete the Information Request form on this website, where you’ll then be directed to our Online Information Kit which will include the important step of reading Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, or, at minimum, the two Epilogues it contains that are available online. If someone qualifies for the complimentary program, the Facilitator will also provide you with a helpful outline to use for the quarterly updates that will be required.

Please note the AIM Program and EMC² do not diagnose, treat or cure disease. The AIM Program is a spiritual tool to assist each person in healing themselves by removing energetic blockages.
Special Podcasts
An incredible, powerful show with Stephen Lewis and three parents whose Autistic children are on The AIM Program. Stephen discusses what frequencies create the syndrome known as Autism. The parents share powerful, seemingly miraculous stories regarding the self-healing their children have experienced since being on AIM.
(Recorded April 14, 2007 - 60 minutes)
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AIM And Autism Update With Stephen Lewis
(Recorded June 6, 2007 - 40 minutes)
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Join Roberta Hladek and discover how EMC² gives back in the form of Scholarship Programs. Listen as the programs are explained and hear success stories of how many participants have benefited from them.
(Recorded November 3, 2010 - 65 minutes)
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