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Sandie from California - AIM participant since December 2008
Testimonial provided December 2010

Sandie describes how The AIM Program has helped her maintain better control of her busy lifestyle, and how she no longer has migraines from stress.
Tags: Aging; Empowerment; Headaches; Migraines; Miracle; Neck tension; Pain; Stress;

2009 was an unusually challenging year for me, with unexpected changes and upheavals in every area of my life. Yet I've sailed through it all in an incredibly zen-like manner. For someone who has been known as a 'control freak', this is quite a breakthrough. All my friends and colleagues have been commenting on how remarkably calm and cheerful I am. The miracle for me is that not once in the past year have I been able to find any trace of fear within me. In fact, it feels as though the 'fear gene' has left my body and my psyche forever! In its place, is a tremendous sense of inner peace, along with a heightened awareness of how positive and empowered I feel.

As a busy journalist, editor, publishing consultant and radio show host, I live and work at a fairly high speed, juggling tasks and projects, and generally living a fairly high powered lifestyle. During my down time, the stress usually hits me in the form of migraines, and muscular and neck tension. This, too, has disappeared completely since being on AIM. While I fully accept and understand that the responsibility for my well-being lies in my own hands as well as my own belief systems and state of mind, I also feel it's important to give credit to AIM for supporting me with a foundational 24/7 empowerment booster.

Thank goodness I had an open mind when I began AIM. Compared to how I feel now, it's as if that old me was just getting by and adapting to a "constant struggle" mode, accepting the stress and occasional pains - even aging - as a way of life. I now realize what a limiting, self-defeating outlook I was developing. Thank you AIM for enabling me to rediscover and re-connect with my own life force energy. I feel younger now, have more energy, and am enjoying greater health and vigor in my 50s than I did in my 20s and 30s.

Sandie Sedgbeer

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